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I've taken notice of the the lack of updates, so I'll fill it in as I'm a hardcore Assamite player. I play the Castellan of New Bremen (White Wolf's java chat) and head the Loyalist group of tightly knit Assamites. The character himself started on Humanity before turning to the Path of Blood to guide his steps, he also began 10th generation but lowered himself down to 8th and is very contemplative of his actions and words. As for choice of weaponry? He is more adept to hand to hand combat and stealth...although as of recently, he's begun firearms training. List of weaponry includes...

- Scimitar
- Jambia
- Katar
- Wire Garrote
- Shaft of Belated Quiessence
- Glock 22 w/ silencer
- Remington 700 Sniper Rifle

Simple enough stuff, right? Likewise he hunts only when necessary and is wishing to reach the next level of enlightenment...

In addition, this is a link to the earliest beginning stats I had for him before his growth, it also includes his background story.

Anyways, let's see some activity.

Chris, tpo Deacon Anderson
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