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Return of Sorts

So, after having retired my Assamite, I'm back in the game to bring some sort of order to the Loyalist movement in New Bremen. Currently?

- Deacon's still at Alamut and raising his knowledge so when he returns I'll have enough xp to justify Occult 1 (Since PoB requires it) and Path of Blood 5. (I'm also pondering taking on "Mentor" to signify another reason to return and perhaps learn more.)

- Loyalists are still very low-numbered, compared to how they used to be. We are now four. 2 Warriors, 1 Vizier, 1 Sorcerer. Even if we did bring back our numbers to something...desired, their training wouldn't equal ours and it'd take about 1 year of constant RP and XP to get them somewhere close. Our solution? Have Deacon bring them along his missions and begin from there.

- Plans for Assamite movement within New Bremen and Mesa De Oro have begun without our group. Primarily, we're looking at inciting war between the both sects and take the time in this shadow war to eliminate key figures that we would not like reigning. The Camarilla's primogen in NB will suffer a loss of their childer, whereas the Sabbat will begin to lose ducti randomnly. We've discussed many of the pros and cons, but we've not yet declared something official.

Oh well, that's just random updating from an Assamite player.
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