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Assamite Goodness (geek points awarded)

So, I wrote this /just/ now in an OOC debate between the current Schismatic leader and myself who in turn, leads the Loyalists.

Ok folks, I know that rarely you hear anything from me, if at all. I also know that you folks know that when Deacon or his cunning player speaks, it's usually with fervor and with utter conviction about the Assamite game. So here goes tpo Deac's /and/ Deacon's views on such matters purely OOC, but for purposes of interaction between players and ironing out perceptions.

Deacon Anderson is hard-line Path of Blood adherent. As a Loyalist he was embraced into it and has never looked back. It was not because he was godless or god fearing, nor was it because he did not misinterpret the Laws of Haqim. Deacon willingly chose the Path of Blood as salvation for his mortal soul. Deacon as a mortal was useless to everyone, including himself. As a Cainite; specifically, a Child of Haqim, he had found purpose to his new existence and had seen that the dedication put in was genuine. Deacon did not go Schismatic as he saw no fault with ur'Shulgi's actions. What is practical is practical, what is true is written and what is said is done. Unless Haqim, himself comes down and says otherwise about Shulgi's actions, then Deacon will remain faithful to the blood that embraced him.
Now as to the Path of Blood. Deacon views the Path of Blood with a critical eye and a humbling soul (or whatever is left of it). Each tenet is that of a purely spiritual view. The path itself is the clan's religion, the staple for salvation in a world where Khayyin's get has wandered unchecked. Deacon's view to the Assamite's public change of "honor" and their former way of doing business? Simple and logical...Now pay attention, because this is quite ingenius. Both Path of Blood and the Assamite clan in general are saved, solely because they were chosen, if an Assamite were to die, his blood was not weak, but his soul was for the salvation that was paved for him. Although, being embraced an Assamite is a great honor and one that should be upheld; in this way Haqim's Law dictates that only the Eldest has the right of destruction upon those of the blood. Reasoning? Simple, all are of Haqim and to kill another with reckless abandon is to insult both the blood within and the blood without. All other Cainites are /not/ of the blood and no matter how much they attempt to emulate what is solely the tool of a judge (Quietus) they are stained by their clan's blood and unworthiness to become something stable. As such...One does not honor that which has /no/ honor. Very few individuals could prove this DOGMA (in Deacon's eyes) wrong, and those that do, are given the respect and honor that /only/ an Assamite could give another. So, in retrospect? The Assamites didn't break their code of honor as honor was never given to those that did not deserve it. As to the tenets of Path of Blood, each demands at least diablerie on one level or another and the Camarilla's views are restrictive of this as much as they violate such things for their ignorance, whereas the Sabbat would never be worthy of walking such a righteous path as they've no concept of how great Haqim truly was. Haqim is not a god, nor claim to be a god (hence Jetro saying "There is no god, there is only Haqim". Deacon does not fear "God" as his judgement was already passed to Caine, Deacon fears Haqim as his judgement still awaits those who have borrowed their current life from the Eldest.
Perhaps you are wondering what this has to do with the other factions, and now I shall enlighten you. Being a hardcore Loyalist, Schismatics have abandoned the clan in hopes to conserve whatever humane ideal they have about a god or about Cainite nature. This could be due to "Humanity"'s effects on a vampire who has yet to accept his true nature. As such, Schismatics are as lost sheep, walking a path that only a sheperd could herd. The Loyalists are those sheperds incarnate. Most Loyalists will /not/ kill another Assamite (whether Schismatic, Dispossessed, or Antitribu) as they are of Haqim's blood and to do so would not only stain the Assamite's soul, but would dishonor his clan as well as the Eldest. Yes, ur'Shulgi has slain Jamal and a hefty portion of Schismatics during his recent coming, but in justification, such a creature will pay a price /if/ he has judged wrong those of younger blood. The clan as a whole has yet to see such retribution occur, and thus the Loyalist position is defended. Dispossessed have no shelter from Deacon's eye, but will not meet death, they instead shall meet the Sheperd himself and await its judgement. Likewise, the Antitribu have left the Sabbat after knowing that the Sheperd had returned, those that have stayed will be offered once to renounce such silly things and return to the fold, or would be staked and returned. Only few Assamites have slain others of the blood, but tell Deacon whether or not those slayings were justified. Was not Tariq, the Silent justified for slaying Djuhah for attempting to manipulate such an elder and fellow member of the blood? I rest my case.
I believe it is more than possible for new fida'i to attempt to reconcile with their Schismatic bretheren, but as time passes and as Deacon becomes aware, such things must end...for he tends to the souls of the bretheren under his banner. As also noted, Loyalists usually attempt to foil Schismatic intergration...they do not with death upon their bretheren, but by showing them in the error of their ways, they hope to bring them back into the Eagle's Nest. Did not ur'Shulgi /allow/ al'Ashrad to depart? Such is the conviction of the Loyalist faction and that of Deacon.

May the Eldest Guide You and the Sun Never Kiss Your Back.

Chris, tpo Deacon.
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