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Petrov is the second character I have played now. Emiko (his sire) was the first, however for the recent chronicle, she is a little too powerful. (9th generation Web of Knives Assamite, who was sired in the Edo period of Japan) I wanted a character that could tie into Emiko's life, but also be near the opposite of her.

I am half way though a story about Emiko and Petrov (its in my journal, once it's all done I shall post in here) bit I thought it was time to give my new member a little more limelight.

Born in Moscow, August 21st,1974 to Peter and Viktoriya Ivanovich.

No-one knows about his life before his tragedy. People who ask get blank stares or cold looks, before he moves the conversation to other things. He doubts he knows himself, all the bad things in his life have blanketed the good things with a layer of blood.

His first "recorded" appearance was in 1994. Russian troops had flooded Chechnya over a power struggle, and left half of his home town in flames. In the fires and killing, he lost both parents and his wife. Though the distress and uncurbed hatred of the Russian Government, he sought out various factions that rebelled against Russian rule. He settled with the Purging Flame Guerrilla force. He was an eager pupil in the arts of fighting and war, and took special attention to firearms. Small skirmishes proved his worth, and within two years he had broken from his group to start his own. Broken Sickle's first combat report was against the attacking forces in 1997. Petrov's single mindedness and vengeance pushed the Imperial forces back, before heavy shelling destroyed their resolve. What was left of his group fled and reformed, moving from direct confrontation to more indirect means. Assassination and traps became their strongest point, setting up fire zones where a handful of men could take out hundreds of soldiers.

It was 1999 when his fight for freedom ended. One of his men betrayed them. Russian troops hammered into their underground base and though the loyalty and devotion of his men, he managed to escape. he fled into the shelled streets before running into Emiko feeding. He attacked her, but learned to his mistake that she was not human. She gave him the chance to fight on, with new abilities, or die a lost cause. He accepted. He found out over the last two years that Emiko had been wandering the war zone to find where the kindred's involvement lay, and to try and kill it dead. Her hatred for most kindred of the Camarilla, showed him that the troops who killed his family were just pawns in some ancient game of chess.

He has yet to travel back to the Eagle's Nest to prepare for higher training, and instead fights the same battles he did when he was human. Emiko stays with her Childe for the moment, as she wishes to take out the kindred involved in the slaughter, but will move on when her goal is complete. For the moment, Petrov has been included in her band of 'mercenaries' (which is normally against Sire's rules of leaving their childe to fend for themselves) and she has taken his revenge for his family to heart, intending to strike back at what she regards as a situation she once faced.

Lean scar 'd male, pale with definite Russian features. Raven hair normally at a respectable length (He cuts it each dusk as part of his 'routine') and cold grey eyes that burn with his passion of rebellion when he is stirred to his cause. he favours darker clothing, with combat vests for carry space.

AKSU-74, folding stock rifle. Calibered for the standard 5.45mm rifle round, with polished wood grips. The weapon he grew up with, he always finds a place for it in his work. Bullets against kindred are not that useful as he found out two years ago, but he carries it and keeps it pristine as a part of his ritual. Plus, he found out to the interest of Emiko, that hollow tip 'x' ammunition have an interesting effect on kindred. It is hard to heal yourself when the entry wounds are in millimetres, and the exit wounds are in inches. A suppressed fire arc can effectively cutting kindred in two, doing wonders for it's state of 'undeath'.
Czech Skorpion v-61, Machine pistol. A cheap and common weapon, yet another one of his "sentimental" items he keeps, more for a reminder of who he is, rather than for attack. Again it is always found in excellent condition.
Japanese Tanto. A 'loan' from Emiko, who decided that no gun would ever come in useful against kindred. The blade is traditional, and can cleave bone and metal the same as flesh, but he dislikes it. he cannot fight very well with it, finding it clumsy to use. But it keeps Emiko happy, so he carries it around.

Depending on what he is doing, he will carry anything from a hidden pistol, to armoured jackets and a Dragunov rifle.

The underdog, the rebel, the innocent against all odds are the people he refuses to feed on. He cannot bring himself to even taste the blood of his fellow comrades, feeling he is no better than the Government that suppresses them. Nore will he let anyone he knows feed from them either. He prefers to feed on the corrupt and government backing people, from the common Russian soldier, to their generals and commanders if he finds them. He has not tasted kindred blood other than Emiko's, and has yet to taste the vitae of his first kindred 'kill' (Emiko intends to 'blood' him with his first consumption of kindred blood and spirit when they manage to defeat the Russian oppression on his town) He also becomes withdrawn when his past is mentioned. Even more so when he witnesses the same things happening behind him. He is Territorial too, and dislikes anyone not of the blood entering lands that he claims to protect. If they enter without permission and he finds them, he is more likely to fly into a rage, gunning the kindred down to near torpor before questioning them.
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