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clan_assamite's Journal

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The Assamite Community
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Our clan is scattered to the four winds. What better way to bring them back to the bossom of Haqim?

The time has come for our united gathering. The day that we strike back against the Camarilla is soon at hand. They may try to start their Jyhad over petty land claims and power struggles, but we will start it for them. Kindred blood will stain the ground red, and we once more shall take our place as the true generation.

Ghoul or Kine, Elder or Childe, heed this call.

By Haqim's will.

This community is created for all the people who have a love of the Assamite. Be it from Vampire: The Masquerade, Mind's Eye Theatre, White Wolf books, or any other source, this community is for you. Discuss your characters, their backgrounds, post fan fiction, or rules for the games, even post as your character. Whatever you wish, this is for you.

(Yes... rules. Not even Haqim would let his brood run unchecked.)

We are Assamite.

Postings of other characters from other clans, unless tied into Assamite dealings is not really on. There is a Vampire community for that. We are one clan.


Posting "Yo Assamite Rulez!!!!" is to us about as worthless as not saying anything. Why do they rule to you? What made you decide that the children of Haqim was the true path?


Lesser beings and weaker blood of the fool Camarilla be damned, but we are the higher than them. They flail in the mud like animals. That does not mean we have to join them with abuse and insults.

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