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The Assamite Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Assamite Community

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Greetings. [04 Jan 2005|09:13pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I am a friend of Brutus' and Dark Ages enthusiast. I mostly do tabletop, not LARP. Not part of any sanctioned organization or anything, either. The Children of Haqim are one of my personally favorite clans, though. If anyone wants any info from the Dark Ages books, I have most of them and am willing to share. Oh, and if anyone knows where I can get the Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy book without using a credit card, please let me know. I used to own it, but it was stolen and I can't find it anywhere now.

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Greetings! [24 May 2004|04:24pm]

As a player of an Assamite I wanted to say hey! But I also wanted to (hopefully) start a discussion on these veritable baddies.

So with that being said: What would be the general opinion of those here on the interaction between Sabbat Assamites and Non-Sabbat Assamites? The book (LotN: Sabbat) says they can actually get along, but I was curious if it was like the Nos? Or was it a "oh yeah, Hassam over there, he's with those nutty Sabbat. He sucks but we forgive him anyways"

Any opinions? Anything to add?

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OWbN Assamite Event & CU Halloween Special Event [05 Aug 2003|02:06pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

OWbN Assamite Event & CU Halloween Special Event

The IC Invites for both parts of the event will be posted later. And before the bad jokes start, yes I feel a little blasphemous. Why? Because we’re hosting a LARP event in churches – two of them!

-----General Information-----
When: October 31/November 1, 2003; 6:00p – 1:00a


Assamite Event:
McKinley Church and Foundation
809 S. Fifth St.
Champaign, Il 61820

CU Halloween Event
Urbana-Champaign Unitarian-Universalist Church
309 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

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Assamite Goodness (geek points awarded) [10 Apr 2003|01:58pm]

So, I wrote this /just/ now in an OOC debate between the current Schismatic leader and myself who in turn, leads the Loyalists.

Ok folks, I know that rarely you hear anything from me, if at all. I also know that you folks know that when Deacon or his cunning player speaks, it's usually with fervor and with utter conviction about the Assamite game. So here goes tpo Deac's /and/ Deacon's views on such matters purely OOC, but for purposes of interaction between players and ironing out perceptions.

Deacon Anderson is hard-line Path of Blood adherent. As a Loyalist he was embraced into it and has never looked back. It was not because he was godless or god fearing, nor was it because he did not misinterpret the Laws of Haqim. Deacon willingly chose the Path of Blood as salvation for his mortal soul. Deacon as a mortal was useless to everyone, including himself. As a Cainite; specifically, a Child of Haqim, he had found purpose to his new existence and had seen that the dedication put in was genuine. Deacon did not go Schismatic as he saw no fault with ur'Shulgi's actions. What is practical is practical, what is true is written and what is said is done. Unless Haqim, himself comes down and says otherwise about Shulgi's actions, then Deacon will remain faithful to the blood that embraced him.
Now as to the Path of Blood. Deacon views the Path of Blood with a critical eye and a humbling soul (or whatever is left of it). Each tenet is that of a purely spiritual view. The path itself is the clan's religion, the staple for salvation in a world where Khayyin's get has wandered unchecked. Deacon's view to the Assamite's public change of "honor" and their former way of doing business? Simple and logical...Now pay attention, because this is quite ingenius. Both Path of Blood and the Assamite clan in general are saved, solely because they were chosen, if an Assamite were to die, his blood was not weak, but his soul was for the salvation that was paved for him. Although, being embraced an Assamite is a great honor and one that should be upheld; in this way Haqim's Law dictates that only the Eldest has the right of destruction upon those of the blood. Reasoning? Simple, all are of Haqim and to kill another with reckless abandon is to insult both the blood within and the blood without. All other Cainites are /not/ of the blood and no matter how much they attempt to emulate what is solely the tool of a judge (Quietus) they are stained by their clan's blood and unworthiness to become something stable. As such...One does not honor that which has /no/ honor. Very few individuals could prove this DOGMA (in Deacon's eyes) wrong, and those that do, are given the respect and honor that /only/ an Assamite could give another. So, in retrospect? The Assamites didn't break their code of honor as honor was never given to those that did not deserve it. As to the tenets of Path of Blood, each demands at least diablerie on one level or another and the Camarilla's views are restrictive of this as much as they violate such things for their ignorance, whereas the Sabbat would never be worthy of walking such a righteous path as they've no concept of how great Haqim truly was. Haqim is not a god, nor claim to be a god (hence Jetro saying "There is no god, there is only Haqim". Deacon does not fear "God" as his judgement was already passed to Caine, Deacon fears Haqim as his judgement still awaits those who have borrowed their current life from the Eldest.
Perhaps you are wondering what this has to do with the other factions, and now I shall enlighten you. Being a hardcore Loyalist, Schismatics have abandoned the clan in hopes to conserve whatever humane ideal they have about a god or about Cainite nature. This could be due to "Humanity"'s effects on a vampire who has yet to accept his true nature. As such, Schismatics are as lost sheep, walking a path that only a sheperd could herd. The Loyalists are those sheperds incarnate. Most Loyalists will /not/ kill another Assamite (whether Schismatic, Dispossessed, or Antitribu) as they are of Haqim's blood and to do so would not only stain the Assamite's soul, but would dishonor his clan as well as the Eldest. Yes, ur'Shulgi has slain Jamal and a hefty portion of Schismatics during his recent coming, but in justification, such a creature will pay a price /if/ he has judged wrong those of younger blood. The clan as a whole has yet to see such retribution occur, and thus the Loyalist position is defended. Dispossessed have no shelter from Deacon's eye, but will not meet death, they instead shall meet the Sheperd himself and await its judgement. Likewise, the Antitribu have left the Sabbat after knowing that the Sheperd had returned, those that have stayed will be offered once to renounce such silly things and return to the fold, or would be staked and returned. Only few Assamites have slain others of the blood, but tell Deacon whether or not those slayings were justified. Was not Tariq, the Silent justified for slaying Djuhah for attempting to manipulate such an elder and fellow member of the blood? I rest my case.
I believe it is more than possible for new fida'i to attempt to reconcile with their Schismatic bretheren, but as time passes and as Deacon becomes aware, such things must end...for he tends to the souls of the bretheren under his banner. As also noted, Loyalists usually attempt to foil Schismatic intergration...they do not with death upon their bretheren, but by showing them in the error of their ways, they hope to bring them back into the Eagle's Nest. Did not ur'Shulgi /allow/ al'Ashrad to depart? Such is the conviction of the Loyalist faction and that of Deacon.

May the Eldest Guide You and the Sun Never Kiss Your Back.

Chris, tpo Deacon.
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Whoo Hoo [02 Apr 2003|03:10pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

It's about time I found a community on the Assamites. They're about the only clan I've played since I started playing Vampire the Masquerade. In fact, my friends and I are starting a new game for Vamp. A Cam game where all clans are allowed, even if they are not as a clan a member of the Camarilla. Perfect opportunity for me to try something different. I always wanted to play an Assamite from the Vizier Caste, and this game gives me the chance. She's a slightly eccentric Archeaologist obessed with the Baali. She thinks that she might be able to find a way to rid the clan of the Baali curse. I have her basic stats, but am still working on her history. Also, if anyone happens to know where to get more information on them, other than the Clanbook Baali, I would much appreiciate it.

Basic Stats:

Name: Melodie O'Donnell
Sire: Jareth
Generation: 9th
Family: Father, Deceased, Mother, Deceased. Brother, Jeremiah, Embraced Gangrel
Occupation: University Professor/Archeaologist
Havens: Office at SMU, Downtown One bedroom flat
Age: Seventy Four
Apparent Age: Twenty-seven
Date of Birth: May 4th, 1929
Date of Embrace: April 27th, 1956
Hair: Dark Brown, almost black
Eyes: Deep greenish blue
Race: Half-Japanese, Half Irish
Nationality: American
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Sex: Female

Honest opinions are welcome, and advice on the best way to run her as well. Though I have pretty good idea on how to do that.

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Return of Sorts [02 Apr 2003|02:58pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So, after having retired my Assamite, I'm back in the game to bring some sort of order to the Loyalist movement in New Bremen. Currently?

- Deacon's still at Alamut and raising his knowledge so when he returns I'll have enough xp to justify Occult 1 (Since PoB requires it) and Path of Blood 5. (I'm also pondering taking on "Mentor" to signify another reason to return and perhaps learn more.)

- Loyalists are still very low-numbered, compared to how they used to be. We are now four. 2 Warriors, 1 Vizier, 1 Sorcerer. Even if we did bring back our numbers to something...desired, their training wouldn't equal ours and it'd take about 1 year of constant RP and XP to get them somewhere close. Our solution? Have Deacon bring them along his missions and begin from there.

- Plans for Assamite movement within New Bremen and Mesa De Oro have begun without our group. Primarily, we're looking at inciting war between the both sects and take the time in this shadow war to eliminate key figures that we would not like reigning. The Camarilla's primogen in NB will suffer a loss of their childer, whereas the Sabbat will begin to lose ducti randomnly. We've discussed many of the pros and cons, but we've not yet declared something official.

Oh well, that's just random updating from an Assamite player.

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Assamite Ritual From Marduk's Throat [18 Mar 2003|09:37am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey guys I need the actual from the book write up for this Assamite Ritual. From Marduk's Throat. Its in Secrets of Thamaturgy. and I dont have that book.


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Greetings [14 Mar 2003|09:23am]

I'm Cheri I am part of the OWbN org, and currently the clan genre coordinator for Clan Assamite. I'm new to LJ and just wanted to say hi.
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Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Haqim! [20 Jan 2003|06:06pm]

It's great to see a community dedicated to the Banu Haqim! Since it appears to be rather silent in here, let me attempt to get a discussion going:

If you were choosen to serve the Clan in real life (as yourself), what faction and caste would you be?

I, personally, would be a vizier. The reason behind this is that I have an obsession with history and archaeology, almost to the point of monomania. Upon embrace, I would be one of the few viziers to be a loyalist and to follow the Path of Blood from the get go. I believe as a cursed being, who can never reach true enlightenment, there is no point to follow any particular faith, ESPECIALLY Islam. I can understand arguments for remaining Christian, Jewish, Pagan or whatever, but those would not apply to me. As for the loss of humanity, I believe as an assamite, it is my duty to protect humankind from the creatures that only want to feed off of and manipulate them. Plus, there is a special kick that I get knowing that I hunt the hunters ^_^.

Now, proof of my monomania.
Some non-fiction books on the real Alamut and assassins worth checking out to enhance characters and games:
  • Castles of the Assassins
  • The Assassins: a Radical Sect in Islam
  • The Valleys of the Assassins
  • The Assassin Legend: Myths of the Isma'Ilis
  • The Isma'ilis: Their History and Doctrines
  • The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven

    If anyone is interested, I can recommend other books on a variety of similar subjects.

    I'll end this post with an ancient hymn of praise to ur-ShulgiCollapse )
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    Greetings. [20 Nov 2002|11:01am]

    I've taken notice of the community...er...and the lack of updates, so I'll fill it in as I'm a hardcore Assamite player. I play the Castellan of New Bremen (White Wolf's java chat) and head the Loyalist group of tightly knit Assamites. The character himself started on Humanity before turning to the Path of Blood to guide his steps, he also began 10th generation but lowered himself down to 8th and is very contemplative of his actions and words. As for choice of weaponry? He is more adept to hand to hand combat and stealth...although as of recently, he's begun firearms training. List of weaponry includes...

    - Scimitar
    - Jambia
    - Katar
    - Wire Garrote
    - Shaft of Belated Quiessence
    - Glock 22 w/ silencer
    - Remington 700 Sniper Rifle

    Simple enough stuff, right? Likewise he hunts only when necessary and is wishing to reach the next level of enlightenment...

    In addition, this is a link to the earliest beginning stats I had for him before his growth, it also includes his background story.


    Anyways, let's see some activity.

    Chris, tpo Deacon Anderson
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    ... [24 Oct 2001|12:05pm]

    [ mood | irate ]

    The nights are not as young as you pretend they are....

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    ... [24 Oct 2001|12:05pm]

    [ mood | irate ]

    The nights are not as young as you pretend they are....

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    Petrov [17 Aug 2001|07:23pm]

    Petrov is the second character I have played now. Emiko (his sire) was the first, however for the recent chronicle, she is a little too powerful. (9th generation Web of Knives Assamite, who was sired in the Edo period of Japan) I wanted a character that could tie into Emiko's life, but also be near the opposite of her.

    I am half way though a story about Emiko and Petrov (its in my journal, once it's all done I shall post in here) bit I thought it was time to give my new member a little more limelight.

    Born in Moscow, August 21st,1974 to Peter and Viktoriya Ivanovich.

    No-one knows about his life before his tragedy. People who ask get blank stares or cold looks, before he moves the conversation to other things. He doubts he knows himself, all the bad things in his life have blanketed the good things with a layer of blood.

    His first "recorded" appearance was in 1994. Russian troops had flooded Chechnya over a power struggle, and left half of his home town in flames. In the fires and killing, he lost both parents and his wife. Though the distress and uncurbed hatred of the Russian Government, he sought out various factions that rebelled against Russian rule. He settled with the Purging Flame Guerrilla force. He was an eager pupil in the arts of fighting and war, and took special attention to firearms. Small skirmishes proved his worth, and within two years he had broken from his group to start his own. Broken Sickle's first combat report was against the attacking forces in 1997. Petrov's single mindedness and vengeance pushed the Imperial forces back, before heavy shelling destroyed their resolve. What was left of his group fled and reformed, moving from direct confrontation to more indirect means. Assassination and traps became their strongest point, setting up fire zones where a handful of men could take out hundreds of soldiers.

    It was 1999 when his fight for freedom ended. One of his men betrayed them. Russian troops hammered into their underground base and though the loyalty and devotion of his men, he managed to escape. he fled into the shelled streets before running into Emiko feeding. He attacked her, but learned to his mistake that she was not human. She gave him the chance to fight on, with new abilities, or die a lost cause. He accepted. He found out over the last two years that Emiko had been wandering the war zone to find where the kindred's involvement lay, and to try and kill it dead. Her hatred for most kindred of the Camarilla, showed him that the troops who killed his family were just pawns in some ancient game of chess.

    He has yet to travel back to the Eagle's Nest to prepare for higher training, and instead fights the same battles he did when he was human. Emiko stays with her Childe for the moment, as she wishes to take out the kindred involved in the slaughter, but will move on when her goal is complete. For the moment, Petrov has been included in her band of 'mercenaries' (which is normally against Sire's rules of leaving their childe to fend for themselves) and she has taken his revenge for his family to heart, intending to strike back at what she regards as a situation she once faced.

    Lean scar 'd male, pale with definite Russian features. Raven hair normally at a respectable length (He cuts it each dusk as part of his 'routine') and cold grey eyes that burn with his passion of rebellion when he is stirred to his cause. he favours darker clothing, with combat vests for carry space.

    AKSU-74, folding stock rifle. Calibered for the standard 5.45mm rifle round, with polished wood grips. The weapon he grew up with, he always finds a place for it in his work. Bullets against kindred are not that useful as he found out two years ago, but he carries it and keeps it pristine as a part of his ritual. Plus, he found out to the interest of Emiko, that hollow tip 'x' ammunition have an interesting effect on kindred. It is hard to heal yourself when the entry wounds are in millimetres, and the exit wounds are in inches. A suppressed fire arc can effectively cutting kindred in two, doing wonders for it's state of 'undeath'.
    Czech Skorpion v-61, Machine pistol. A cheap and common weapon, yet another one of his "sentimental" items he keeps, more for a reminder of who he is, rather than for attack. Again it is always found in excellent condition.
    Japanese Tanto. A 'loan' from Emiko, who decided that no gun would ever come in useful against kindred. The blade is traditional, and can cleave bone and metal the same as flesh, but he dislikes it. he cannot fight very well with it, finding it clumsy to use. But it keeps Emiko happy, so he carries it around.

    Depending on what he is doing, he will carry anything from a hidden pistol, to armoured jackets and a Dragunov rifle.

    The underdog, the rebel, the innocent against all odds are the people he refuses to feed on. He cannot bring himself to even taste the blood of his fellow comrades, feeling he is no better than the Government that suppresses them. Nore will he let anyone he knows feed from them either. He prefers to feed on the corrupt and government backing people, from the common Russian soldier, to their generals and commanders if he finds them. He has not tasted kindred blood other than Emiko's, and has yet to taste the vitae of his first kindred 'kill' (Emiko intends to 'blood' him with his first consumption of kindred blood and spirit when they manage to defeat the Russian oppression on his town) He also becomes withdrawn when his past is mentioned. Even more so when he witnesses the same things happening behind him. He is Territorial too, and dislikes anyone not of the blood entering lands that he claims to protect. If they enter without permission and he finds them, he is more likely to fly into a rage, gunning the kindred down to near torpor before questioning them.
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    Steel greeting [16 Aug 2001|11:55pm]

    [ mood | complacent ]

    Greetings brothers and sisters of Haqim.

    This community was created to address the needs of the few out there. The small number of people who take the teachings of our Eldest to heart.

    We would not expect a rush of people. In fact, it is states that for every hundred weak blooded Camarilla that stands tall against the moon lit sky, one of our children lurks in the shadows, blade ready.

    But the night is young, and the stench of blood fills the air.

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